Signs You Have Financial Stress

Stress is a natural thing experienced by many people. There are many causes of stress, one of which is financial problems. It can even be said that money is the main cause of stress that is often experienced by someone. Stress in financial problems is certainly riskier than other causes. Experiencing stress in financial matters will make you feel you are carrying a considerable amount of burden. Financial stress can cause bad mental and physical conditions. Sometimes it even has quite a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Then what are the characteristics if you are experiencing financial stress? Recognize the following signs.

1. Anxiety and Depression
The most visible thing when experiencing financial stress is anxiety and depression. Usually people who experience financial stress will feel afraid of taking phone calls, especially if they come from debt collectors. Of course, if you experience this, you should do financial therapy that can help reduce feelings of depression. If this continues, the depression you feel will get worse each time. You will experience insomnia, excessive anxiety or can experience severe depression. Even according to existing research, financial stress can be 6 times the risk of someone experiencing severe depression compared to other problems.

2. Bills or installments in arrears
If you usually pay all bills such as houses, motor cars, and others on time, but now you start to late-paying these bills is a sign of being experiencing financial stress. Of course this is a bad habit that needs to be changed. With delinquent bills is like making the burden of bills continuously inflated. If it is indeed difficult to pay bills by the specified date, you can try to negotiate with the borrower to change the payment and rules used. One of the things that sometimes make you overdue your bill is if you continually waste your expenses. For that, it would be better if you try to change your wasteful lifestyle. If necessary, look for a side job that can help increase income.

3. Wasteful lifestyle
As explained earlier, waste can be a cause of worsening financial conditions. Especially when you feel unable to meet the needs of life, then the solution that is often used to make yourself calm is to use a credit card. Although they feel this problem has been resolved, but the use of credit cards is not the right solution. The use of a credit card only gives you a moment of peace. Eventually you will feel confused when credit card bills start to arrive. Credit card bills actually actually create more stress. For that, it would be better if you refrain from spending money and start managing expenses appropriately.